Vardø - A cozy fishing village in northern Norway

If you are looking for a vacation out of the ordinary, with breathtaking views, beautiful and exotic nature, and rigid waters, Vardø is definitely the place for you. Vardø is a cozy town in the North eastern part of Norway with a different character than most places. This beautiful town in northern Norway is characterized by its tree-less vegetation, delicious fish, colored houses, and exotic wildlife. Vardø is actually the oldest fishing village in Finnmark and is therefore a splendid place to go if you enjoy such activities. There are also many other activities in and around Vardø that one may experience.

For instance, Veranger halvøya nasjonalpark is a beautiful and popular national park. Also, during wintertime, seeing the northern lights is quite common in Vardø.

There is never bad weather, only bad clothing!

It is important to note that Vardø is a cold town, never exceeding temperatures over 10 degrees Celsius, but as we say in Norway, there is never bad weather, only bad clothing. We therefore recommend bringing warm clothes when visiting so you can enjoy the trip fully. When traveling to Vardø, you can await a trip with many exiting experiences out in nature, filled with laughter and joy. It is a perfect place to bring family, friends and loved ones.