Welcome to Vardø port!

We are here to make sure you have a good experience in Vardø. Our staff takes care of every aspect of the port, both in regards to the cargo ships and fishing vessels that come in, as well as the tourists that want to explore Vardø and all its wonderful nature. 
An employee driving a new electric cargo truck around the port.

About us

Vardø Port is a municipal enterprise established 1st of January in 2003.  The enterprise is led by a main board of the port administration. Our goal and mission is to be running a company that is both efficient and has a competitive advantage on behalf of the municipality and the region. Vardø port KF maintain the management and administrative tasks of the bay and waters. In addition to this our job is also to enforce the regulations and decisions made by the port directory. Vardø Port is also set to plan, build, run and maintain the facilities within the seaports responsibilities.