Fishing in Barents Sea?

Have you ever had fish so fresh that you can quite literally taste the sea? In Barents Sea you can experience just this and much more. Bring friends, family and loved ones on an unforgettable experience fishing in Barents Sea.

Catch a variety of species

While fishing in Barents Sea you can catch a variety of species, such as cod, haddock, saithe, redfish and much more. There is nothing like eating a dinner that you have caught yourself. In many ways, it feels like one has really deserved the meal. Fishing your own meal is synonymous to being true to nature, as you are doing the same as our ancestors did to survive decades ago. Unlike us, they could not go to the nearest supermarket for their dinner.

We will guide you in the right direction

At Vardø Havn we will guide you on your fishing journey. We have boats for rent as well as experienced drivers that know the best spots. We want you to be prepared for the roughness of Barents Sea as well as returning back with many delicious meals and a smile on your face.