Efficiency is key

For a ship and its crew to work at its fullest potential, it is vital to be able to perform an efficient and well-constructed crew change. A poorly planned out crew change can lead to a great amount of time loss, and it is therefore essential to do this properly. In that way the crew will be able to get the time off they need to see friends and family, relax, and reload their batteries for the next trip out in the seas, while still maintaining efficiency on the ship.

Perform a proper crew change in the north of Norway

In the Northeastern part of Norway there is plenty of boats roaming the rough waters of the Barents Sea. Vardø, an island surrounded by the seas, functions as the perfect place for a crew change. Here boats may perform their crew change at Vardø Port.

On the mainland there is also the possibility to perform crew change at the new fishing and industry port Svartnes Port.