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Birdwatching at Hornøya, one of Varangers main attractions

Birdwatching at Hornøya


A visit to the seabird colonies at Hornøya is an nature experience that will certainly leave a lasting impression.
Hornøya is the easternmost island in Norway, located about a mile outside of Vardø in the Barents Sea.
Only 10 minutes by boat from Vardø Harbour is the home of 150 000 seabirds.
The rich waters of the Barents sea and the steep cliffs off Hornøya provice food and safety for the seabirds.
The main cliff is dominated by black-legged kittiwakes, common guillemots and Atlantic puffins,
interspersed by Europeans shags, Brünnich's guillemots, razorbills and a few black guillemots.
All are easy to see, hear and smell from the areas open to the public.        
On the vegetated areas below the cliff and covering the island as a whole breed large numbers of
herring gulls and great black-backed gulls, plus a few common eider.   
Hornøya is a protected nature reserve and there are traffic restrictions on the island. A marked path ensures
that alle the species are visible, many of them you will be able to observe wery close.
Bring something to eat and warm to drink, and do not forget your camera.
Use the path and not disturb the birds unnecessarily.
Have a great stay at the spectacular Hornøya!    
We arrange daily trips to Hornøya in the summer.                                     
The tours start  from  Vardo at 0900,1030,1130 and 1330 on weekdays and at 1200
on Saturdays and Sundays.

The price for the transport is NOK 350,- for each person and for groups over 15 NOK 320,- for each person.
If needed the boat also take tours outside of these departures.                            
The tours run from the harbour near the touristinformation.              
For further information please contact us.
Telephone number +47 78 98 72 75, +47 78 98 82 77, +47 90 17 95 85
: vardhavn@online.no

Take a look at webcam on Hornøya

Read more about birdwatcing at Hornøya  

   Photo: Jan Sverre Ulle

  Accommodation in the keeper's house at Hornøya
We can also offer accommodation in the keeper's house at Vardø Lighthouse.
The standard of the house is relatively simple, but the surroundings are extraordinary.
The lease is based on the principle of self-service.
The property consists of kitchen with stove and fridge, toilet and shower.
There is little fresh water on Hornøya, so guests are asked to show moderation in water consumption.
Rooms for rent are 2 and 4 beds.
It's only mattress on the beds, but it's possible to rent bedlinen.
For more information please contact us by phone + 47 78 98 72 75, +47 78 98 82 77, + 47 90 17 95 85.
e-mail: vardhavn@online.no